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Racism at work

BADLANDS, a film production studio and founder of RAW (Racism at Work), a volunteer-led anti-racism initiative, releases its short film 'All The Little Things'.

Written and directed by Meena Ayittey (represented globally by Great Guns), the film is based on an original idea from the creative team Christopher Medford and Bethany Jones, from independent creative company, Mother.

'All The Little Things' follows Adae a young Black creative in a creative advertising agency, we begin to see how a series of interactions threaten to bring buried tensions and fresh resentments to a boiling point. Will Adae be able to move forward and pursue his dream job?

Executive Produced by Davina Rajoopillai (BADLANDS), Laura Gregory (Great Guns), Kate Phillips (Great Guns), Familiar Faces (Mother), Dino Myers-Lamptey (The Barber Shop) and Sabrina Clarke-Okwubanego (Niche-On-Demand).

RAW promotes openness about race and mental wellness at work through storytelling and lived experiences #rawtalk

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